Soozy Stone

Soozy Stone is an ordained minister of the Lord Jesus. She is also a Substance Abuse Counselor. She became a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in 2008 and has taught at Weatherford College for the past 5 years. She conducts Adult Alcohol Counseling.  She lives in Mineral Wells, TX. Soozy has recently started a project in Mineral Wells to work with people that have felony charges to become employable and get a post-secondary degree.
Soozy is also gifted with the Seer and Healing anointing.

At the age of 15, the Lord Jesus woke me up and said “Soozy go lay hands on your mom and pray for her healing”. I said, “No sir. If I startle her and she jumps it would hurt her even more”.  He said, “Soozy, she will be alright”. I said, “Ok, God”. I would go into her bedroom during the night and would lay my hands on her and pray for healing.  Mom had extensive back surgery with a very grim prognosis, the doctors told us before surgery she had a 50/50 chance of living through the surgery and an 80% of never walking again. She then had complications from the surgery and lived with indescribable pain and on was on the verge of death for almost 3 years. At the time the Lord told me to lay hands on her and pray, that practice was not being taught or talked about at churches.  She has been able to enjoy life for many years. Today, 81 years old, she is able to dance and worship the Lord with flags.  The Lord has gifted me to see many miracles of healing that have manifested through prayer.

The Seer anointing has been with me even longer.  It is so much a part of who I am. Without it I would be unbalanced.  The Seer anointing gives me visions or words.  The spiritual realm is very real and it is here as much as the physical realm.  I am hoping to impart this gifting to others.  I have some really cool stories. Believe the Word when it says the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

From Soozy's heart: "Holy Spirit has been with me as long as I can remember.  He has taken me on some mighty adventures. He has called me to tell remind you that He loves you and that you can do mighty exploits (brave, interesting and/or unusual acts). So go for it Godly Girlfriends!!"



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