Janell Rich - Hospitality Team leader

Janell loves and adores her Lord, Jesus Christ. She lives each day in His acceptance and rest. Day by day she trusts in God's faithfullness and that makes her confident in His great promises for the future. Janell teaches a lady's Bible study class at her church. She has been blessed by the obedience that leading that class has taught her. She loves God's word and how it applies to her every time she opens it, no matter the circumstances or season. The Holy Spirit always reveals new insights from scripture.

She and her husband, Steve have been married 38 years and are blessed by their daughter Amber and her husband Cody and grand-daughter Addison; and their son Randal and his wife Kalee.

From Janell's Heart: "I could not be part of this retreat without mentioning the value of my "Godly Girlfriends" They decorate my life with beauty, amazing love, encouragement, advice based on truth, and laughter that is always healing. I absolutely would not be where I am spiritually without them."



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